Welcome to St. John Berchmans, an English-speaking Catholic community in Munich, Germany. Whether you have lived here for decades, are new in town, or only passing through, please join us for Mass on Sundays! Sacrament of Reconciliation available upon request. Please speak with the priest before Mass.
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Resource for Preparing for Sunday Mass Whether you are reading at Mass or simply wish to be better prepared to receive the Word of God, the following resource will be of use: https://www.lectorprep.org/
48th Thanksgiving-Birthday Party St. John Berchmans will celebrate our 48th anniversary with an American Thanksgiving party on Friday, 29 November, in the Berchmanskolleg Aula. Volunteers are needed to set up in the late afternoon. Sign-up for the potluck dinner is at coffee after Sunday Mass.
  Next Mass: Sunday, October 27, 2019
30th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Celebrant Fr. Andreas Gösele
First Reading
Second Reading
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Sundays: 10:30
Holydays: Schedule will be posted

All Masses in the community chapel, Kaulbachstr. 33

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English Community:
  10:15, St. Bonifaz
  16:00, Bürgersaalkirche

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