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  A brief history of the Community
By Kevin and Bridgene Devlin, two of the founding members of the community
In the summer of 1971 the U.S. military authorities did not renew the contract of Father Jim McSorley as the auxiliary chaplain and pastor of the McGraw Kaserne congregation. (There was a full time chaplain, Father Menard, at the Perlacher Forst Chapel.) Some members of this (the McGraw Kaserne) congregation preferred a less military-oriented parish. We discussed this with Father Bill Dych, a Jesuit who was passing through Munich at the time. Father Dych put us in touch with Father Brian McDermott, a Jesuit who was coming to Munich to work on his doctorate.

When he arrived at the Kaulbachstraße, we got in touch with him. In September, we began meeting in people's homes for Eucharist and community building. Two months later Father McDermott got permission from the Rector of the Berchmanskolleg to use the house chapel. The community first met for Mass in the chapel on the first Sunday of Advent, 1971.

And the story continues...