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This community is formed out of the people who attend, and as a result does not have a formal structure. On the second Sunday of every month, the community meets to discuss items that need to be addressed, such as volunteers for upcoming Masses and planning for seasonal events and retreats. Everyone who attends Mass is a member of the community, so even if you have only come once, please feel free to attend the community meeting.
  Minutes from recent meetings

March 13, 2011

  1. Outreach Projects: Derry initiated the discussion about various outreach possibilities, specifically the work done by Refugio. Derry spoke to Silke Müller, who works for Caritas. Silke assured us that Refugio had a good reputation and that our monies would be well employed there.
  2. Fr. Dani: Derry also raised the question whether we should send Father Dani Younes, who lives in Beruit, Lebanon, a gift on the occasion of his ordination. A wooden angel was suggested and a card for all to sign was thought to be a good idea.
  3. 40th Anniversary of English Catholic Community at St. John Berchmans: A letter will be sent to members, old and new, informing them of the anniversary and inviting them to the celebration. All should assist in updating addressee list. An advance to purchase postage stamps was approved. Derry is responsible for this project. She presented a draft of the invitation letter.
  4. Fund Raising for Anniversary: Ann stated that bake sales would start immediately after the Soup Sunday which is scheduled for 10 April 2011. Jose also volunteered to initiate two tours in Munich to help raise funds for the anniversary celebration.
  5. Auction in May: Ann described an auction where individuals commit to provide a service for a fee. This will be investigated in May 2011, or immediately after Easter.
  6. E-mail: Cory will add all these upcoming anniversary celebrations on the members' section of our website here.
  7. Guayaquil Invitation: Andreas asked whether we should consider inviting someone from Guayaquil to attend our 40th Anniversary Celebration. We would have to offer to pay their transportation costs to Munich. The motion was made and it passed.
  8. AOB:
    • First Communion Planning: The parents of the First Communion Children have the responsibility to plan and carry out the service and celebration.
    • Good News TV Outreach: Father Christof presented this proposal: can we afford to make a one-time donation to this Good News TV Program. He stated that the Good News TV has an operating budget of $52,000 per month. The subject was tabled to a future meeting (possibly in six months), preferably after the 40th Year Anniversary Celebration.

January 16, 2011

  1. Discussion: The Community's 40th Anniversary: Although the actual celebration won't be until towards the end of 2011, quite a lot of planning will be needed. So we need to start early.

    Thanksgiving with birthday party will be on Saturday 26th November in the Aula. Saturday has been chosen as it is hoped that people will come from outside Munich and a Saturday gives more flexibility.

    There will be a celebratory Mass on Sunday 27th November also in the Aula which has already been reserved for the entire weekend.

    We hope to have other celebrations during the year including a summer party after church on the Sunday before the schools break up. It was agreed that it was important to involve the children so that they understand what is being celebrated and why. It was suggested that there could be fundraising activities to support the celebrations.

    We thought it would be a great opportunity to gather together and present information from the various activities which take place in the Community.

    A detailed list of who is organizing what is available in the members' section of the website under special events.

September 5, 2010

  1. International Outreach: In accordance with a directive from the Bishop (brought up on a previous Sunday by a memeber of the community) it was discussed whether or not to donate the procedes of the 2nd collection to Pakistan. Various options were considered - donation via a local parish, St. Ludwigs or Caritas. Alison said that Caritas works well with the Church in Pakistan The final decision was to donate €3,000 to Pakistan. We were asked to investigate which route and to come back with suggestions, at the latest, by the next meeting.
    Also considered help for Haiti via Jesuit misions in Switzerland (Christof)
  2. "Reflections on the Sunday Readings" leaflets: Due to the fact that we currently throw out more leaflets than we use, Ann suggested that we look for another option to provide guidance on the readings. Ann found a site where we could pay an annual fee in order to print out the number of leaflets we need. Ann will provide a sample printout at the next meeting.
  3. Thanksgiving celebration: Sign-up lists to be created and passed around. Jonathan will coodinate the entertainment. The need for an organizing committee was discussed, but not agreed.
    Since 2011 will be the 40th anniversary of the community, we might want to think about a larger party next year.