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About us
The English speaking Catholic community has been meeting in the Kaulbachstr. since 1971. Here you can find out more about us, including a brief community history and our mission statement.
About our patron
St. John Berchmans was born in the Netherlands at the end of the 16th century. Find out how the Patron of Altar Servers can be an inspiration to us today.
Spiritual leadership
The Community is lucky to draw on the support of the Jesuits of the Berchmanskolleg for our Sunday Liturgy. These are the faces you are likely to see on Sunday.
Community meetings
Once a month the community meets to organize itself. Unlike at larger parishes, everyone who attends Mass is welcome to take part in running the Community.
Finding us
The chapel of the Berchmanskolleg (Kaulbachstr. 33) isn't the easist to find. Here you will find some detailed instructions.
Contact us
The best way to contact us is to come to Mass on Sunday. If you need something more immediate, try here.