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Community calendar
Here you will find an overview of the Community's currently planned activities. This page is updated on a regular basis. Your contributions are always welcome!
Seasonal events
The Community comes together several times a year to celebrate something special as a group. Here you will find all the information.
Twice a year, in Lent and in Fall, the Community takes time out to reflect. The format varies, but the value of the retreats is never in doubt.

Overview of Community events
  Christmas Eve Mass with carols and Christmas cooking
  Lenten retreat (February/March)
  Soup Sunday (March/April)
  Holy week celebrations, including:
    - Seder meal (Holy Thursday)
    - Adoration of the Cross (Good Friday)
    - Easter Vigil (Holy Saturday)
    - Mass and community lunch (Easter Sunday)
  Fall retreat (October/November)
  Community birthday party / Thanksgiving dinner (November)